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Willington Nameplate

Identity  /  Brand Standards  /  Signage  /  Web

Identity / Brand Standards / Signage / Web

Since 1965, Willington Nameplate had used its family-minded, do-whatever-it-takes, entrepreneurial spirit to succeed. However, an altered competitive landscape and a changing, growing workforce meant they had to rethink how they would approach the future.

Willington need to clarify and strengthen their internal identity as well as the image they presented to the marketplace. Working closely with their leadership team, we helped shift their self perception from “makers of a nuisance commodity” to “enablers of essential communication.”

With this new, authentic story as a foundation,we leveraged the contributions of the entire company to modernize their brand from the inside out.

Fathom Project

Fathom Project

This project was done in collaboration with Bruce Kaechel at Fathom. All design work was done by Ben Callaghan.